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21 Duel Blackjack

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21 Duel Blackjack offers excellent jackpots - check online to see the prize winnings available for that day - most will reach well into the tens of thousands of pounds! This game is challenging, fun, technical and ideal for those who love the complexity and mastery of traditional gambling card games.

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How To Play

- The game is played with six decks. The aim is to obtain a point total that exceeds the dealer's - but is a maximum of 21 points. The card values are comparable to Blackjack, with numbers counting at their face value, picture cards being worth ten points and the Ace worth one or eleven points. In this game, all hands with a 21 point total are equal.

- Select your value by clicking on the chips and then on to the ANTE area, to place your chip. Left click to increase the amount that you bet. You'll need to place an extra bet equal to your Ante bet, to keep playing during the game. Make sure your balance can cover it. You can place a non-mandatory 2 UP side bet too. You'll see your min and max bet limits on the table.

- Click on the deal button and you'll receive two cards. The dealer will receive his upside down. Two additional cards will be dealt into the middle of the table face up - the communal cards. You can fold, choose a left or right communal card, hit or stand. When you've made your choice, the dealer will reveal the first of his or her cards and choose a communal. They will then choose the next move accordingly, trying to create the best hand.


- There is plenty of information on our site to help you make the right card decisions and maximise your chances of winning.

- Benefit from free rounds to get to grips with the games' rules and to learn all the tricks and techniques!

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- There are plenty of exciting bonuses available to players, including spot prizes, cash incentives, loyalty prizes and free play options to help maximise your chances of winning and really up the ante!

- You'll also find new player welcome bonuses, such as matched betting and introductory bet promotions to welcome you to the casino.

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Minimum Requirements

  • Android 2.3 or later
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