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Keno is such as simple game that anyone can play without experience or without needing to worry that you will be out of your depth or lose track of your bets. You can maximise your gaming experience by playing five rounds at a time and the onscreen interface will help you to keep track of your winnings. The fast pace means you can keep your excitement levels up even if you aren't placing huge wagers and as you gain confidence you can change the way you play to suit your individual preferences.

If you like Keno then there are plenty of other games you might like to try as well, including other arcade style games such as Penalty Shoot Out, Rock-Paper-Scissors and Around the World. For other games which offer a simple and easy playing method, there are plenty of games which may be familiar, including several varieties of Blackjack, Pontoon and table games such as Craps and various themed Roulette games.

How To Play

- Players select at least two numbers on the keno table by simply clicking on them. Up to 10 numbers can be selected in any one game.

- Twenty numbers are drawn during play with winnings being allocated to those players with a qualifying number of 'hits' or matching numbers.

The game requires no particular experience of playing, meaning that beginners stand just as much chance of winning as those who have been playing for years. You can choose the amount you want to wager on any given number, meaning that you are always in complete control of your bets.


- You can place your bets and apply them to either one game at a time or for a series of five rounds.

- Your winnings will be displayed on screen, either for the game you have just played if you are playing one at a time or your cumulative winnings If you have selected to play five rounds.

- The amount of numbers picked affects your potential winnings.


- There are no bonus rounds for this classic arcade game

Activate Jackpot Slider: 

To install Jackpot247 for Android on your device

  • Go to the "Applications" section under the "Settings" menu on your device
  • Make sure that the checkbox next to "Unknown Sources" is checked and accept any confirmation messages
  • Go to jackpot247.com/app.apk on your device to go directly to the download

Minimum Requirements

  • Android 2.3 or later
  • 320 x 480 resolution