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Live Roulette – Live on ITV

  • Category
  • Min. Bet
  • Column or Dozen Bet
    £1 - £3000
  • Outside Bet
    £1 - £10,000
  • Table Limit
    £1 - £10,000

The aim of live roulette is to predict where the ball is going to land when the wheel stops spinning. Choose a single number and you could be in for a big win. There are other, less risky strategies that you can play, such as betting on high or low numbers, or just choosing red or black. Roulette on ITV is one of Jackpot 24/7's most popular games. Not only can you enjoy playing online, you can also watch the games unfold live on ITV1, every night.

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games, offering a wide range of betting and risk options. With our live roulette, you can play in the company of our friendly TV presenters, or online. You can even play on the go with our mobile app. Why not log in and start enjoying live roulette today and check out some of the other award winning casino games on our site?

How To Play

- If you are playing online, log in, select the game and click on 'play for real'. A pop up window will appear and in it you can watch the game. The TV game will be playing at the left hand side and underneath that will be a picture of a roulette wheel. You use this wheel to place your bets.

- To place a bet, choose a chip and click on it. Then click on the bet that you want to make, on the roulette table. So if you want to place your bet on red number 30, click on that. Next, you must confirm your bet by clicking on 'confirm' - otherwise your bet will not be valid.

- After this, you will be given a range of options and everything that you need to do will be explained. You use the number keys on your phone to place bets. As with the online game, you must confirm your bet for it to be valid.


- Roulette is live on ITV from 00.30 until 03.00 every single day of the year.

- The show is also streamed live 24/7 every day online.


- You can download our mobile app. from the mobile page on our website. The app allows you to play live, for fun or for real.

- See our casino promotions page for all the latest bonus giveaways.

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To install Jackpot247 for Android on your device

  • Go to the "Applications" section under the "Settings" menu on your device
  • Make sure that the checkbox next to "Unknown Sources" is checked and accept any confirmation messages
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Minimum Requirements

  • Android 2.3 or later
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