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Roulette Pro

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Roulette Pro gets you right into the heart of the action and your objective is to guess where the ball is going to come to a rest on the wheel. The roulette wheel shows numbers 1 to 36, plus the zero, which is shown in green. Roulette Pro is loaded with special features, such as bonuses to help boost your winnings, free spins that let you spin for free and other spot prizes and features.

With Roulette Pro you really do get the chance to win big! This game puts you in control of your favourite game and you can decide whether to play French or European roulette, depending on your preference. This is the most popular form of online roulette in the casino world today! You'll find hundreds of other exciting games online at our website, as well as full instructions on how to play them.

How To Play

- To play, simply click on your chosen chip to select it, then place your bet - click on a number on the Roulette table. Each click on the betting area will add a chip of your chosen value, to the bet. There are minimum and maximum bet levels, which you will see highlighted on the screen.

- Then click spin after you've placed your bets, to get the ball spinning. The winning bets will stay on the table.


- The Quick Deposit feature allows you to rapidly put money into your casino user account, without having to go to the Cashier. There is a Quick Deposit icon for you to use.

- You can place Call Bets of Announces, by selecting a chip and clicking on Orphelins, Tier, Voisins du Zero, Final Bet or Neighbours - all have different payouts.

- This game is fast-paced and furious, but you always get to stay in control! It is a game designed for those with a pure love for Roulette, who like to play at an advanced level and make use of their own gaming strategy to try to win big.


- This game is aimed at higher level players and you'll find bonus features such as auto-play, game statistics and betting patterns to help you to get closer to that jackpot!

- Look for other bonus features such as sign-up bonuses, spot prizes, matched betting and free play!

Activate Jackpot Slider: 

To install Jackpot247 for Android on your device

  • Go to the "Applications" section under the "Settings" menu on your device
  • Make sure that the checkbox next to "Unknown Sources" is checked and accept any confirmation messages
  • Go to jackpot247.com/app.apk on your device to go directly to the download

Minimum Requirements

  • Android 2.3 or later
  • 320 x 480 resolution