Mobile Help & FAQ's

You can find a list of the most frequently asked questions below. If you cannot find an answer to your question then ask our Support Team.




  1. Do I need a separate account to play on my mobile?

    • No. You can use the exact same account that you use on your PC to play.
  2. Who do I contact if I experience difficulties?

    • The team is here 7 days a week to make your mobile experience the most enjoyable. You can Contact us at any time.
  3. Is it secure?

    • Yes it is. The Jackpot247 mobile app uses 256-bit SSL encryption technology to protect private data and this allows you to safely bet and purchase using real money from within the mobile phone. This is the Internet security standard used for online casinos, and works identically over the wireless networks.
  4. Can I deposit and withdraw from my account on my mobile?

    • Yes, you can. You can also see details of your past transactions.
  5. What happens if I receive a call while I am playing or if my battery dies?

    • Depending on your mobile network, the game may either pause or disconnect. When your call is finished, either the game will automatically resume or you can resume by returning to the game location and clicking on its icon again. You should be able to continue your game from where you left it, or login again and resume a broken game.
  6. How do I set up WAP or GPRS on for my phone?

    • In order to be able to download the Jackpot247 mobile application, you will need to have WAP, GPRS or Wi-Fi access set up on your phone. This is an easy process, and can be done via your network provider.
  7. Does it matter which mobile network operator I use?

    • In the UK the service will work on all operators. Some operators in other countries may not support the service.
  8. Can I use any mobile phone model?

    • Our casino games are built to run on iPhone and selected Android phones only.
  9. How much will it cost me?

    • We DO NOT charge you for using this service, however there may be network data charges which will vary between network operator and then by contract plan. We recommend you contact your operator for details on your mobile price plan.
  10. What is content control?

    • The following information applies to UK network operators only. All UK network operators have implemented a policy of blocking certain types of content and services on their network. This has been done in order to prevent anyone under the age of 18 from accessing these services. This means that adults are required to "opt in" in order to use certain services. This includes the Jackpot247 mobile application.
  11. How do I remove content control?

    • You need to verify that you are over the age of 18 with your network operator, and this usually means registering your credit card details with them.