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Craig Stevens

Born: Walthamstow
DOB: 17th July
Star sign: Cancer

Craig moved from London to Essex at a young age and always knew he wanted to be in the entertainment industry. His early career was in radio, but he soon realised he wanted to be on camera and, despite having little experience of presenting, was given a daytime quiz show on Channel 5! From there he went on to be one of the presenters of The Mint on ITV and, with his love of films he got the dream job of reviewing movies and interviewing stars for Sky Movies, Channel 5 and ITV. Craig now hosts film premieres and travels the world talking to the people who make and star in them, most memorably getting a kiss off Mila Kunis, and interviewing Tom Cruise in the tallest building in the world! He joined Jackpot247 in 2009.

Favourite take-away food:
I love Chinese, I could have it most days but I’d worry that KFC would go out of business if I did.

Favourite drink:
Sprite – it’s not a joke but I have a massive Sprite addiction.

Any good at cooking?
Nope, but Jamie Oliver is and he’s been kind enough to put most of his sauces in a jar and allow supermarkets to sell them. He’s pretty much a saint for doing that.

Best holiday destination:
The Maldives – it was stunning. I’d love to go again, just need someone to go with.

Favourite cartoon character:
Spider-Man from the cartoon in the mid-80s, I loved that. But also had a thing for Bugs Bunny when he dressed as a woman. This feels like therapy now.

Top three films:
As a film critic this changes so much but those I watch all the time or had greatest influence on me would be The Empire Strikes Back and The Godfather Part 2.

Do you play sports?

Armchair sports fan?
No, no.

Support a football team?
No, no, no.

Who was the first person you kissed in a romantic way?
Her name was Zoe. I guess I was 12, maybe. I saw her recently and she told me I was a terrible kisser. I asked if I could try again…she said NO!

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